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Ek Titli: Giving Wings to Green Ideas

Ek Titli: Giving Wings to Green Ideas

Do you want to know how to grow that tomato organically in your backyard? Or learn about the fresh water dolphins to be found in one of the tributaries of

Do you want to know how to grow that tomato organically in your backyard? Or learn about the fresh water dolphins to be found in one of the tributaries of the Brahmaputra? Then meet Ek Titli – an organization dedicated to the promotion of organic farming and green living in the country.

Through a two-pronged approach, Ek Titli is helping farmers and anybody else who is interested to create organic farms and grow plants and through their website they are helping to spread the word about clean and green initiatives.

Here is an interview with Vaibhav Dugar, one of the founders of Ek Titli:

What is the idea behind Ek Titli?

A butterfly’s life revolves around a flower; a tree. Without the tree there’s no flower and hence no butterfly. From a larger perspective, every life revolves around a tree. Hence the name ‘Ek Titli’, where through our work we are encouraging citizens to lead and live a sustainable life.

We work under the following two verticals:

  • Organic Farming: Ek Titli Farms – An Ek Titli venture, where we encourage farmers & farm owners to go Organic by conceptualizing, executing and maintaining the said farm. Our Micro Farm Venture, also known as Earth Gardens, is helping citizens to grow their own food. Provide us a space, of any size and we’ll help you grow food on it.
  • The Portal: Ek Titli .Org – Ek Titli .Org is our unique voluntary initiative where we showcase all the positive and constructive work happening in the ‘Green and Clean Space’. If you are a traveller, an organization, the common man, a company etc that believes and practices clean living and wishes to be heard, this is your Rightful space.

What inspired you to start out on this concept?

Nature has been our inspiration and our teacher. It is what we are doing to it that compelled us to step aside, look and work with it. After all, nature is not going anywhere, it is us who will!

What difference do you intend to bring about with Ek Titli? How have you gone about fulfilling your mission?

We are working to sensitize the masses on the importance of living organic and natural. Through our efforts with Ek Titli Farms we design, implement and execute organic farms and micro-farms for people to grow their own food.
Our Portal informs readers on the good and constructive developments happening to the environment. We give a voice to all those who are working for the betterment of the Environment.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your green venture so far and what did you do to overcome them?

Creating a market for Organic and conscious living has been our bottle neck and seems to be our only challenge in the coming future but, we’re in love with the challenge.

You are currently based out of Pune. Do you plan to scale up and reach out to the rest of the country?

Yes we do. As a matter of fact there are already queries and interest from people from across the country 🙂

What are your future plans for Ek Titli?

Scale and diversify into other domains of Organic and Conscious living

In what way can people contribute to your efforts?

Start taking small steps to living an Organic and Natural life. Write for our Portal and volunteer for our many social drives.

The Ek Titli team
The Ek Titli team

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