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One Group of Artists Is Transforming the Filthy Walls of Delhi. Here Are the Results

One Group of Artists Is Transforming the Filthy Walls of Delhi. Here Are the Results

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A group of artists saw a filthy stretch of wall in Delhi, and came up with an amazing idea to transform it. They made beautiful wall paintings, and the result is nothing less than perfect.

Public walls in India are not always in the best condition. With several posters, paan stains, and people urinating on them- our walls have to go through a lot.

But a few artists in Delhi have decided to give these ignored walls a much needed makeover. Thanks to them, a long stretch of wall in Khan market, which was covered with filth, now looks like a piece of art. Flaunting a long stretch of beautiful paintings, the wall is adding some brilliant colours to the area.

These artists are a part of the Delhi Street Art group. They not only cleaned the long stretch of wall, but also made it so appealing with their paintings, that people now deter from urinating there. They had done similar art work in Gurgaon as well. There, they realised that people urinate on the wall next to the one with the art work, but not on it.

Here are some amazing pictures of the work in progress


With their work, even a dustbin looks so pretty!


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On lookers can’t help but adore the beautiful paintings.


And this kid has some expert suggestions for the team-


Their work is absolutely brilliant!


Take a bow, team!


Check out more work of Delhi Street Art here.

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