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Going Electric: 5 Places To Hire E-Bikes For As Low As Rs 10/Hour in Delhi

Going Electric: 5 Places To Hire E-Bikes For As Low As Rs 10/Hour in Delhi

Looking for rides to make your commutes sustainable? Here are 5 places you can hire electric bikes in Delhi.

This article has been sponsored by Wingify Earth

Did you know that Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles contributed to more than 50 per cent of Delhi’s air pollution between 24 October and 8 November in 2021? 

While the obvious solution would be to reduce the number of vehicles on road, it’s not a viable one. With the increased availability of various electric vehicles (EVs) in the market today, replacing ICE vehicles with e-bikes could potentially reduce the pollution levels.

Given that EVs unlike ICE vehiles are not powered by fumes-emitting pertrochemical products, they drastically reduces our dependence on fossil fuels as well. Furthermore, their low running costs—sans fluctuating diesel and petrol prices—make EVs a good buy. 

Making a shift however would require a change in our mindsets and behaviors.

Keeping this in mind, Wingify Earth—an initiative of Wingify Foundation—aims to move people away from the ‘I’m aware and I think we should do something’ attitude, to the ‘I will’ determination. Positive action towards solving the burning issue of climate change shall involve making a shift in behaviour and changing the mindsets of all stakeholders, particularly the policymakers, corporates, students and general citizens.

Here are five places in the National Capital where you can hire cycles and electric bikes when travelling within the city* :

1. Yulu

yulu electric bike

Established in 2017, Yulu provides users with the option of renting an e-bike or a regular cycle. Known for their last-mile connectivity, these rental e-bikes and cycles can be found across the city at various spots. This service was launched in 2019 in Delhi and so far, there are more than 40 Yulu zones across the various metro lines in the city.

To opt for Yulu bikes for your travel, click here.

2. Zypp

Founded in 2017, Zypp is based in Gurgaon, where one can rent bicycles and e-bikes to be used across Delhi/NCR. With rentals starting from Rs 149/day, this is an economical way of getting around in the city. There are currently over 2,000 Zypp vehicles in the city.

To travel with Zypp bikes, click here.

3. Planet Green Bikes

Established in 2008, Planet Green Bikes has a presence in over 14 locations in Delhi. The company encourages people to use cycles in order to help the environment. You can download the app or book a cycle via the website in a fairly easy manner. The rental costs are Rs 10/hour, after the first 30 minutes of usage.

For Planet Green Bikes, click here.

4. Green Ride

Founded in January 2022, Green Ride service offers cycles by Delhi Cycles Private Limited for rent, across various points in the city. The aim of this service is to offer connectivity to commuters traveling by metro. Priced at Rs 5/half hour at Rohini, this service is currently being offered free of charge in other parts of Delhi.

For Green Rides, click here.

5. VA-YU

Launched in 2020, VA-YU’s EVs have covered a cumulative distance of over 20 lakh km in the past year, saving approximately 50,000 litres in petrol. With several rental options for commuters to choose from, VA-YU has been increasingly gaining subscribers. Starting from Rs 950 for seven days, there are plans that offer quarterly subscriptions as well.

For VA-YU rides, click here.


Vehicles are the biggest contributor among the local sources in Delhi; a study released by the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) 2021

Should you buy an electric car? Comparison with other fuel cars, pros and cons by Riju Mehta 

If you know more places/service providers in NCR of Delhi which are providing similar services, please write to

(Edited by Yoshita Rao)

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