‘I was a Homemaker for 7 Years. Here’s How I Built a Brand Worth Rs 200 Crore’

‘I was a Homemaker for 7 Years. Here’s How I Built a Brand Worth Rs 200 Crore’

Harini Sivakumar, the founder and CEO of Earth Rhythm, wanted to address her son's skin condition but ended up starting a company of her own.

For Harini Sivakumar, who was a homemaker for seven years after marriage, turning into the founder of a Rs 200 crore brand felt like a daydream. She was an average student in her studies and was married off at the age of 22. But the birth of her son put an end to her brief career.

Later, her son was diagnosed with down syndrome. Harini, even though possessed many career dreams, happily decided to reserve her time completely for her child. Five years later when he started attending school, she started dreaming of achieving her goals again.

It was then that Harini started a homegrown skincare line in 2015, which began by trying to solve the skin concerns of her son. She registered it as a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and sold the products within her residential community.

She ventured deeper into the subject, attended courses, developed new products and finally in 2019, relaunched it as a brand called Earth Rhythm with the support of her father.

Slowly, she moved into an office with 5-8 women employees. “Momitha, a girl from a village called Sundarbans is our first employee. She is a graduate but couldn’t speak English. The day when she started sharing strategies to run the brand was when I felt this is going to be a successful company,” Harini shared in the video.

Today, Earth Rhythm has more than 100 employees, most of whom are women and persons with disabilities. Customisation and sustainability are the key highlights of the brand which sells 160 products through its website, social media pages and online shopping platforms.

“If someone who hasn’t stepped out of the house for a long time, with zero knowledge in business, like me, can run a Rs 200 crore brand, you can too,” said Harini in her inspiring talk.

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