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VIDEO: Watch the Streets of Kolkata Captured on Camera Like Never Before!

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When a photographer captured his love for Kolkata, and the beauty of some of its most common places, the result came out in the form of this charming video.

Old cities of India have their own charm with their layered histories, those hidden nooks and crannies, faded yet sturdy buildings, and above all, the sheer diversity of people. These cities thrive on the energy of the common people; it is these people who help the cities maintain their old, quaint charm. Kolkata is one such place. The city where you can comfortably get lost in the streets while exploring the sheer beauty of the commonplace things here.

This short film, called ‘Flower Man‘, by photographer Ken Hermann, explores Kolkata’s grass root charms through the common populace – the common streets which most likely do not attract tourists as much, but also help retain the true spirit of the country.

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From a hand drawn rickshaw to the customers on the street; from the vendors around the temple to devotees in the river – the video features them all. A genuine smile, a bubble toy in the hand of an old man, a halwai frying jalebis, the small things that make India all the more beautiful form the crux of this video.

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But the best part for the photographer is the Malik Ghat Flower market, which he describes as an explosion of all five senses. The colours, the fragrances, all of them together inspired the photographer.

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The beauty of this video lies in the fact that the photographer stands by realism, he finds colours in places where we probably might not look. And his tone is not that of awe, but is full of respect and fascination.

Watch the whole thing here:

Flower Man from ken hermann on Vimeo.

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