With This Program, You Could Land Your Dream Job Interview In Just 6 Weeks!

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The Better India’s Employability Program, in association with ‘Belong.education,’ is an attempt to bridge the gap between the education provided by colleges and the skills required by companies.

In current times, getting a job is becoming an increasingly competitive situation. If you are unemployed and seeking employment, then this article might just be what you need.

So what is really happening here? The unemployment rate in India is 7.5%, and it seems like it is edging upwards. The good news is that this is not because of a lack of jobs. Rather, a large part of the problem is a shortage of sufficient skills amongst job seekers.

To make up for this, companies have to invest heavily in training their recruits to make them work-ready, which puts a significant burden on them.

In fact, there exists a rising need to revamp the Indian education system to make it more skill-based, to boost employment.

The Better India’s Employability Program, in association with ‘Belong.education,’ is one such attempt to bridge the gap between the education provided by colleges and the skills required by companies.

What is the Employability Program?

The Better India’s Employability Program

All college courses provide you with theoretical knowledge. This is certainly needed, yet it does not encompass the requirements to land a job. These courses do not train you in real-world situations and problem-solving techniques.

Similarly, there are tons of educational courses available online that promise skill and knowledge development, yet what they lack—much like all college courses—is a potential job opportunity at the end of it all. Once you enroll, you take classes and assignments, sometimes, group discussions—if you’re lucky—and that’s it.

With a mind to change that, this program is curated to help you land an interview right after completing the program. Not only that, while studying, you also get to work with an esteemed organization as an apprentice that gives you exposure to the work culture in your chosen field.

The best part, you become work-ready in just six weeks.

Who is eligible?

You. Yes, the only requirement is your dedication to learning.

So, if you want to get your dream job, enroll today.

When does it start?

The first batch starts on January 17, 2022. Since it is a cohort-based program with a maximum of 30 learners to ensure optimum student-facilitator engagement, you should hurry up and register today!

Programs Available

Digital Marketing, Business Development, Software development, and Business Analytics

How to register?

Click Here to Sign up For This Course 

If you want to know more or have any doubts, please reach out to connect@belong.education

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