Watch: Avani Lekhara Makes History as Two Time Paralympic Medallist, Here’s Her Story

Avanai Lekhara

Avani Lekhara has become the first ever woman to win two medals at a single Paralympics by winning a bronze at the 50m Rifle 3 Positions event.

Avani Lekhara’s sports trajectory is proving how there are no limits to achieving new heights.

In August, the 19-year-old had left the nation awestruck when she brought home the first ever woman-won Paralympic gold medal. But on Friday, she scored yet another victory by becoming the only Indian woman to ever win two medals at a single Paralympics.

Avani finished in third place at the 50m Rifle 3 Positions event. The position on the podium comes with a bronze medal that will complement the glory of her earlier win.

The para shooter’s journey has been riddled with both physical and mental complexities that were afflicted by the hardships of a debilitating accident. In 2012, she suffered a spinal injury that left her bound to a wheelchair. But evidently, none of this could dampen her spirit.

While her father gave roots to her wings, Avani managed to train and become a World Number 5 shooter. Her name is today recalled alongside international players like Iryna Shchetnik.

While her many wins have gathered her a reputation as a medal-winning shooter, the real achievement to celebrate remains her personal journey and go-getter spirit in the face of all adversity.

Watch this video to know what inspires India’s Golden Girl to keep going:

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