Viral Video: Mumbai Cop Saves Injured Father-Daughter Duo Stuck in Heavy Rains

Mumbai Cop Saves Two

As heavy rainfall lashed Mumbai, a dedicated policeman helped an injured father-daughter duo get to safety. The viral video of his brave deed is winning the Internet.

Amidst destructive monsoon rains in the city, a Mumbai police officer was spotted helping a father-daughter duo at Kandivali Traffic Chowk. His selfless attention to commoners in distress as they battle the uncertainty of the downpour has brought hope.

The city has been on red alert for the past couple of days. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasted extreme showers to continue for at least another day and the police force was prepared.

The video of the helpful police officer was shared by the official account of the Mumbai Police on their Instagram and Twitter pages.

The tweet mentions that the two civilians were injured. As seen in the video, the road was clogged from rainwater stacking up to knee level. The flood water made it difficult for people to cross the road with ease. Despite this adversity, the Kandivali police officer is seen guiding a man who is carrying his daughter on his shoulders.

The record of the incident has garnered unconditional support and appreciation from citizens all over India. The video has hit over 1.70 lakh views on social media and continues to go viral.

Watch the video of how this brave police officer saved the father-daughter duo.

Feature Image Source: Twitter