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Delhi Boy Skipped a Rs 70 Lakh US Job To Build Electric Bikes in India. Here’s Why

Delhi Boy Skipped a Rs 70 Lakh US Job To Build Electric Bikes in India. Here’s Why

The son of a electrician, Mohammed Ali failed to get admission to a BTech course. But his passion for science helped him bag the highest salary package for a diploma student from his university!

Delhi-based Mohammed Aamir Ali founded his startup ‘Shamric Motors’ in 2018 intending to create battery-powered two-wheeler vehicles, which will be pocket-friendly and equipped with features like fast charging and high mileage. Ali eventually aims to develop an all-connected system under which he will provide e-vehicles, charging stations and after-sale services.

While this might seem to be any other startup story, it is not.

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You see, 24-year-old Ali is the same man who completed his diploma in Mechanical engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia in 2018, and made headlines for bagging an annual package of Rs 70 lakh by Frission Motor Werks, an American firm.

The Better India caught up with him and delved into his inspiring and hard-working journey.

How It All Started

Growing up, Ali shifted schools quite frequently. “I started with a Hindi-medium school, then Urdu and finally, English. Coping in the Urdu school was not as challenging as the English one because of my unfamiliarity with the language. The only reason I mastered it is because my teachers went the extra mile,” he recalls.

Notwithstanding the issue with language, the boy excelled in math and science. He believed that solving math questions was like a game with numbers, and was thoroughly fascinated with science.

“I grew up watching my dad fixing problems related to electrical appliances. Once, after my mother got an electric shock, for a few seconds, all I could think about was how the energy was transferred to the ground,” recalls Ali.

Opting for engineering after Class 12, was the most obvious decision, and he appeared for the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) exam which is conducted for undergraduate engineering and architecture programmes.

Unfortunately, his marks were not good enough for him to get admission in engineering college.

“I could have opted for a degree in architecture, but I did not want to compromise on my passion for engineering, So, I took a break for a year and enrolled in Jamia for an engineering diploma in 2015,” he says.

On Landing The 70 Lakh Package

In 2017, with financial support from his father and friends, Ali purchased a Maruti Suzuki 800 and converted it into an electric car. His prototype was ready, but when he approached experts, universities and organisations for financial help (to make a better version), no one took him seriously, or worse, mocked him.

But, Waqar Alam, one of his college professors, saw potential in his work and decided to guide him on his project. The prototype was displayed in one of the college fairs, and Alam even uploaded it on the college’s website.

Eventually, Ali reached his final year when companies started visiting the college for placements.

“I decided to skip the placements because none of the companies worked in the field of electric vehicles. My father was extremely supportive as he too believed that working for something that one believes in, is better than monetary pleasure,” says Mohammed.

Shamric Motors Team

Right before the final exams, an American firm happened to cross paths with Mohammed’s prototype through JMI’s website. Impressed by the technology, the company inquired about him and considered hiring him. There were a total of seven rounds of interviews with various experts including psychologists and technical team. He was even given assignments with electric vehicle problems that he had to solve.

“A few days later, I received a congratulatory call. I had made it!” he exclaims.

And just like that, the boy who had scored 68 per cent in his Class 10 exams, bagged the highest salary package that has ever been offered to a diploma student at the university.

But Ali had bigger plans and decided against accepting the offer. “It wasn’t easy, but when my father suggested that I stay here and build something for the betterment of the country and people, I couldn’t refuse. I am going to provide pollution-free vehicles to people, and am working round-the-clock to achieve this dream,” he asserts.

There are very few people like Ali who put their dream of making a difference in the society before money and for that, we salute him.

Mohammed is currently looking for seed investors. You can write to him at:

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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