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Candle? Moisturiser? This Amazing All-Natural Product Gives You the Best of Both!

Candle? Moisturiser? This Amazing All-Natural Product Gives You the Best of Both!

Hot and cool at the same time, this candle is just what you need to moisturise your skin. Load up your personal care armour, winter is coming!

Wintertime usually means taking extra care of our skin. The harsh cold winds leave our skin dry and thirsty for moisturisers. In case your skin is too dry, then layers and layers of body lotion do little good to the parched skin that refuses to go back to its soft self.

We have a surprise body lotion for you which comes in the form of a candle! Click here to get the uber-cool moisturiser now!

Hot and cool at the same time:

Fascinating, right? A candle that you can use as a body lotion! This feels like the gift I should give to my friends for the festive season. It’s pretty, it’s useful and guess what, it is also paraben and sulphate free! Talk about the perfect quirky item to have.

This particular body butter has a frosted vanilla flavour and is designed to moisturise extremely dry skin. This winter, load your dressing table with this candle lotion and flaunt your supple soft skin. Click here to purchase the Rs 650 body lotion now!

How to use the candle body lotion:

Get rid of your dry skin with this unique body lotion. Didn’t our mothers always tell us to heat oil before massaging your scalp with it? This frosted vanilla moisturiser follows the same concept.

Light the wick of the candle. Let the “wax” melt. Gently pour this wax onto your palms and use as a body lotion. Be careful since the cream will obviously be hot.

Can’t wait to get the insane cream? Head here to buy the bottle now!

More by Anour:

Anour is a paraben-free, plastic-free brand started by two best friends, Jinal Jain and Mahima Doshi. Their shared interest in healthcare and skincare products free of harmful chemicals inspired them to start this label in April last year. Apart from the fascinating candle body lotion, Anour also makes lip balms, body scrub and body wash etc. Click here to go through their inventory and fill your dressing table with cosmetics that are truly good for your skin.

(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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