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Lactose-Intolerant? Replace Dairy with Low-Cost, Long Shelf-Life Almond Milk!

Lactose-Intolerant? Replace Dairy with Low-Cost, Long Shelf-Life Almond Milk!

Does drinking milk upset your stomach? It may sound surprising but 3 in 4 Indians are lactose intolerant. Switching to nutritious almond milk can help avoid those stomach aches and allergy reactions! #Lifestyle #EatHealthy

In India, pretty much everyone has grown up with milk and dairy products. Milk, ghee, butter and sweets form an integral part of our diet. So, it’s difficult to imagine being lactose intolerant around here.

What per cent of people are lactose intolerant?

Image source: Nutriva/ Facebook.


Only 18 per cent of Indians can digest milk products without any complaints. About 60 per cent of the population suffers from various levels of lactose intolerance.

Some have severe levels of digestive disorders, while others suffer only mild symptoms.

My brother, for example, was diagnosed as lactose intolerant at the age of three. He was quite fond of milk, but non-dairy milk was quite uncommon back then – which is why he had to give it up completely.

Image source: Nutriva/ Facebook.


But there is good news for my brother, and others like him – we now can replace all dairy with plant-based products like almond milk and butter.

This almond and chocolate milk by Plant Veda, for example, costs Rs 65 for a 200 ml pack!

An added advantage of this variety is a long shelf-life. The almond milk by Plant Veda has a shelf-life of a year!

Their peanut buttermilk, on the other hand, remains consumable for about six months. So you need not worry about finishing it off within a couple of days.

Is almond milk good for you?

Wonderful, in fact! Low on calories and cholesterol, almond milk is an excellent alternative to dairy. It is also earth-friendly – a concern that we must all take seriously.

Depending upon your regular intake of milk, you can go for readymade almond milk or almond milk powder that allows you to prepare your milk on the go.

Jus’ Amazin makes the latter. You can check out their 30-second almond milk here.

What are other non-dairy products?

Your lactose intolerance need not restrict you only to milk. Jus’ Amazin has a wide variety of cashew and almond butter that taste delicious and can uplift any bland roti, bread or cake. For those who love to cook and bake, this butter provides a range of avenues, especially for sweets.

Click here to explore through the range of the all-natural nut-butters.

(Edited by Vinayak Hegde)

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