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Cow Dung to Clay: This Chaturthi, Go Green with These 6 Beautiful Eco-Ganeshas!

If you are among those who have waited to purchase an eco-friendly Ganesha idol, your search ends here with this is a list of seven organisations who are making and selling green-Ganeshas.

Ganesh Chaturthi—a festival of joy, beautiful parades, ‘modaks,’ and coming together with our families to worship the Hindu God of wisdom—is fast approaching.

By now, many of you would have started decorating your homes, booked your Ganesha idol and have probably prepared a list of sweets you wish to eat during the festival.

However, if you are among those who have waited to purchase an eco-friendly Ganesha idol, your search ends here with this is a list of seven organisations who are making and selling green-Ganeshas.

1. Seedling Ganesha

Source: Facebook/ Kolla Manjunath.

These idols are made from cow-dung! Kolla Manjunath plants a seed inside the idol, making them 100% biodegradable and sustainable. This Ganesha festival, you need not immerse your idol in rivers, lakes or seas. Instead, you can plant them in your garden and have the God bless you throughout the year!

For orders, you can call Manjunath on (+91) 9036175717 or connect with him on Facebook here.

2. Ganesha that turns paper to plants!

Source: Facebook/ MASES.

Yes, this Ganesha is using his divine powers to turn paper into a plant! How? MASES makes Ganesha idols from recycled newspapers and clay with a plant seed inside. When your celebrations are over, you can plant the idol in a pot and water it as usual. Within seven days, they promise you will have a sapling growing out of the idol!

Contact MASES on 9535245704 or visit their Facebook page here for orders.

3. Ganesha made in vermicompost

Representative image. Source: My Lord Ganesha.

Sevalaya, an NGO in Tamil Nadu creates Ganesha idols using clay and vermicompost, adding vegetable or Tulsi seeds, so they grow into lush plants. Speaking to The Hindu, Rajesh, who works with the NGO said, “Plain clay won’t let the plants grow hence we are mixing the compost that we prepare. Working with clay has been a lot of fun!”

Contact the NGO before 12 September for orders! Their number is 9444167625/ 9094766806.

4. A tall Ganesha who comes with a pot!

Representative image. Source.

This Ganesh costs Rs 280 per set and comes with a 9-inch pot, flower seeds, manure, garland, paper umbrella and flowers! The organisation that makes these idols is located in Chennai. You can call S Balakrishnan on 9385907050 or Jayshree on 9840028852 for orders.

5. Clay, cow dung, papier-mâché —anything you want!

Representative image. Source: Flickr/ Adam Cohn.

Eco-exist makes a variety of Ganesha idols in a variety of sizes. From miniature clay idols to a 21-inch eco-Ganesha, their inventory is full of great choices.

Their only condition? You cannot ask for delivery. So go the traditional way, reach their shop in Yerawada, Pune and welcome Ganpati to your home with the entire family! Visit their website here to order.

6. A light-weight paper Ganesha

Representative image. Source: Flickr/ Quick Clicker.

A light-weight Ganpati sounds like an oxymoron, but if you wish to order a beautiful 27-inch paper Ganesha who will not harm the environment when he is submerged into the water, this website is your ally! Order an idol now, before they get sold out!

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The 10-day festival is a joyous occasion for millions, but it is crucial to understand that when we play loud music every night and immerse the idol in a water body, we are causing great harm to the environment.

Therefore, by getting home an eco-friendly idol, we can take a positive step towards protecting the environment, and make our celebrations clean, green and auspicious in the truest sense. Not just idols, you can have green decorations for this festival! Read the story here to find out more.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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