World’s First Thermal Battery Plant Unveiled In Andhra Pradesh: 7 Interesting Facts!

Hailed as the perfect alternative to non-renewable energy sources, thermal energy is considered to be even better than solar energy.

In a bid to go green, the world’s first thermal battery plant will be unveiled in Andhra Pradesh today. The battery plant will be operated by the Bharat Energy Storage Technologies Pvt Ltd (BEST) and is seen as a great alternative to the energy produced using fossil fuels.

Here are seven things to know about thermal energy and Andhra Pradesh’s thermal battery plant:

1. Hailed as the perfect alternative to non-renewable energy sources, thermal energy is considered to be even better than solar energy. Solar batteries cannot be charged or utilised to their optimum potential after sunset or even when the skies are densely clouded.

Thermal energy-powered batteries overcome this disadvantage of solar energy.

Source: Facebook/ Thermal Power Plant.

2. Lithium batteries, which are widely used currently, have a heavy carbon footprint and can be expensive as they only last approximately 6-7 years. However, BEST plans to utilise the revolutionary technology patented by Dr Patrick Glynn in India in 2016. They will be priced at par with the Lithium batteries but will have a low carbon footprint and also last longer.

3. BEST plans to make their plant in Andhra Pradesh a 100% eco-friendly one. For this purpose, they will use no hard metals in their plant and no inflammable substances. Instead, they are using equipment that comprises 95% re-usable materials.

4. The plant is scheduled to be open commercially by May 2019. Initially, it will provide a capacity of 1000 MW. By 2025, the plan is to expand this capacity to 10 GW.

An official from BEST speaks to N. Chandrababu Naidu. Source.

5. These thermal batteries will be produced to store energy to power telecommunications, commercial enterprises and charging systems. They will also charge electric buses that are expected to run as far as 800km on a single charge.

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6. Apart from these urban businesses, the plant is set to provide electricity to rural and remote areas of Andhra Pradesh.

7. BEST also plans to create a ‘Greenfields Project’ in India to provide nearly 3000 jobs within three years of its inauguration.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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