Sikkim IAS Officer Sets Example, Ploughs Field to Inspire Youth in Organic Farming!

“Organic farming should be adopted as a culture and a way of life."

majority of the young men who work in and around my building as daily wage labourers and house-help are from agricultural households. They have all chosen to come to cities from their villages in search of lucrative opportunities. While some of them have managed to find them, others find themselves living under extremely dire conditions in the cities.

In a bid to attract and encourage these youngsters to take up farming once again, Dr A B Karki, the District Collector of Sikkim’s West District, led a team of officials and staff in ploughing the fields and also planted seasonal vegetables and fruits in a fallow piece of government land.

Leading by example

Dr Karki told The Times of India, “Organic farming should be adopted as a culture and a way of life. We should bring fallow and barren lands under cultivation, as such practices will accelerate the growth of agricultural productivity in the state and make Sikkim self-reliant. Farming must be practised in an extensive way so that benefits of the farming reach the larger section of society.”

Officers like him set an example for others by practising what they preach. Another story we brought to you was of Rohini R Bhajibhagare, the Collector of Salem, in Tamil Nadu.

Collector Rohini received an image of a disabled woman, S Malarkodi, using her hands and knees to move on the road. Acting upon the anonymous WhatsApp message, the collector got to work and ensured that a tricycle reached S Malarkodi.

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You can read all about that story here.

We certainly need more such officers who ensure that they help others.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

Photo Source: Palden Tshechutharpa’s Facebook Page

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