Seen the Viral ‘Upside down’ Photographer? Here’s This Kerala Man’s Story!

While it has only been three years since he entered the world of photography, his passion and commitment seem to overtake the work of many seasoned artists.

Wedding photography is all the rage across the world and India is at the forefront of the trend, with numerous photographers who are not only talented but also willing to go the extra mile to get that perfect shot.

Given the perpetual wedding season that goes on in India, most of us have first-hand accounts about the amount of time and work that goes behind every wedding photo shoot, and have possibly even been part of one!

Every now and then, we come across stories on social media featuring out-of-the-box techniques and styles that photographers have incorporated to make their work unique.

We are quite certain that you must have come across the viral story of a young man from Kerala, who hung upside-down from an acacia tree to get the picture-perfect frame of a wedded couple!

If you haven’t yet, there you go!

Talk of inventiveness and passion for the craft!

The photographs that took the man to the treetop!

So, we got in touch with Vishnu, the 23-year-old photographer from Thrithallur in Thrissur district of Kerala, who showcased rare bravado to clinch this shot while photographing newly-weds Shaise Robert and Navya and has now earned the moniker of ‘vavval’ photographer, which is a bat in Malayalam!

“It was a sudden brainwave. We were shooting outside the groom’s house where there was a tree right in front of it. I was like, how about taking a photograph of the couple from a top angle. And rest is history,” says the self-taught photographer to The Better India.

Vishnu works with the White Ramp Studio in Thrissur, which specialises in wedding and fashion photography.

While it has only been three years since he entered the world of photography, his passion and commitment seem to overtake the work of many seasoned artists.

The adventurous young photographer.

Quite amusingly, this isn’t the first time Vishnu has scaled trees to capture precious moments of brides and grooms. “I’ve tried that quite a few times before. But this one time when I was in the act, some of my friends took a video on their mobile phones and posted it online and here we are,” laughs Vishnu.

Hailing from an entirely different educational background, it was his love for photography that has taken him to where he is today. He also credits his cousin for introducing him to Biju, the owner of White Ramp, thanks to which his passion has now transformed into a vocation he loves.

The young man shares that he has many ideas and techniques in his head and he plans on trying these in his upcoming works.

He mentions that his parents, Raveendran and Mani, were quite miffed and vary about his adventurous streak, but now provide him with full support!

It is always quite endearing to see passionate youngsters who are not only able to follow their dreams and but also make a mark in their field. We wish Vishnu a great ‘clicking’ future ahead and hope to see many more path-defying concepts in all of his works.

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You can follow Vishnu’s photographic trail here.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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