Standing up for Patriotism? This National Anthem Performance Should Shake Us All

This heart-warming video shows the different ways in which patriotism manifests itself.

Patriotism is a feeling that can manifest in multiple ways. Showing respect for the national anthem is one of them.

Till recently, it was mandatory for moviegoers to stand up for the national anthem, but unfortunately, in more instances than one, people were thrashed by fellow patrons for not standing up. Earlier this year, a wheelchair-bound disability rights activist was heckled at a movie screening in Guwahati as he could not stand up when the national anthem was played before the show began.

This is even after the Supreme Court had modified its order to exempt differently-abled people from standing up in cinema halls when the national anthem is played before film screenings.

In October, the Apex court declared that one doesn’t need to stand in movie halls to prove their love for the country, and has asked the Central government to take a stand regarding this compulsion.

Avakkai Films, a production house from Bengaluru, has put forth their views about standing up for the anthem in movie theatres. After the Guwahati disability rights activist was heckled, the production house’s team couldn’t wrap their heads around the incident.

“There are so many other issues to stand up for in India, especially the ones that concern people with disabilities. Everyone should stand up for the National Anthem out of respect for the country, but we also need to think about what we’re standing up for. That’s when I thought of doing something on International Day of Persons with Disabilities. I got in touch with Ashwin Naidu (Director & Producer) and we decided to make a film featuring nine super achievers,” Ajay Bhaskar, Creative Supervisor, JWT Bangalore, told The Better India.

Through the video, Ajay wants to urge people to think about what it means to be patriotic, and to discuss what it is that makes them want to stand up for the National Anthem. He wants to spread the idea of making this society more inclusive – one that has a place for everyone.

This heart-warming video shows the different ways in which patriotism manifests itself.

It features marathon runner Shalini Saraswathi, tennis player Prathima N Rao, athlete Sandesh BG, and swimming champion Vishwas KS, among others.

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