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Have You Ever Been To #Kolkata? This Short Film Will Make You Visit The City At Least Once!

Kolkata. The city of joy. The city where the ancient and the modern blend in effortlessly. Where the trams and hand-pulled rickshaws co-exist with the metro trains and fancy cars. Where thousands of artists have found inspiration through the ages. Where dreams have been born, found wings, and even died prematurely. Where pathos can be found on every street corner and the rich-poor divide will blow your mind away. Watch this video to experience the melancholic beauty of Kolkata in just 96 seconds!

[embedvideo id=”trFWmhsB6Qo” website=”youtube”]

The video was originally published by Nitin Das. Watch his other published videos here.


Written by Nitin Das

Nitin Das is a space time traveler from another dimension. He comes from a planet where people live in harmony with nature. Temporarily stuck on Earth, he is trying unsuccessfully to use films to get people to think and act on creating a better world. More of his work at: