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If You Have Ever Been In #Mumbai, You Will Absolutely Love This Success Mantra!

Mumbai! A city of dreams, where every one is in a hurry to be somewhere, to meet someone, to do something. The people, the trains, the crowds is what keeps Mumbai alive and kicking.

Watch this video to get a trailer of life in Mumbai and get the mantra to survive in this sleepless city. (You will love it even more for the background score!)

[embedvideo id=”4YLROxN99-A” website=”youtube”]

The video was originally published by Nitin Das. Watch his other published videos here.


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Written by Nitin Das

Nitin Das is a space time traveler from another dimension. He comes from a planet where people live in harmony with nature. Temporarily stuck on Earth, he is trying unsuccessfully to use films to get people to think and act on creating a better world. More of his work at: