Watch: Mohan Rao Uncovers Hampi’s 1000 Year-Old Water Management System

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Mohan Rao is a Landscape architect at IndeDesign. He wanted to explore how to design cities with sustainable water management. On this quest, in Hampi, India, Rao uncovered a reservoir system dating to the Hindu empire of ancient Vijayanagra, circa 1000AD, that had sustained a population of half million (five lakhs) people for hundreds of years with very little rainfall. With the help of the Architectural Survey of India, Rao’s work in Hampi has provided much needed models for water supply management in the development of cities and urban complexes around the globe. Rao’s ancient discovery could promise to unlock the answer to the world’s dwindling water supplies.

Watch this video to see what Rao discovered about Hampi’s water management!

Hampi, India: Ancient Water For Our Future | Richard Yelland from Focus Forward Films.


Credits: Focus Forward Films

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