The School for Perfect Eye-sight in Pondicherry

The School for Perfect Eyesight, Pondicherry

The School for Perfect Eyesight, Pondicherry

Two pieces of lenses, held together and perched upon our nose bridge, stretching and tucking their legs to the back of our ears – an inconvenience we’ve got so convenient with. When someone questioned this inconvenience, we came up with another one – made the lenses sit right inside our eyes! And also came up with those nerve burning and purse shrinking lasik surgeries. But how much are we getting to the root of the problem?


We need to stop treating the symptoms and cure our eyes. And there is such a solution. We could actually get our power reduced, help our eyes see better, strain lesser, and even do away with those lenses forever. Pack your bags to Pondicherry – one week of relaxation and eye exercises at the School for Perfect Eyesight will do a world of good to your eyes.

At the School for Perfect Eyesight, an initiative of the Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry, you will get an eye opener into rebuilding your vision. The first biggest revelation will be that most of us do not know how to use our eyes. We who sit in front of our computers simply do not blink our eyes and we stare at the monitor. We don’t realize how much we strain our eyes while even reading let alone while watching a movie. Result – headaches, swollen eyes, red eyes, refractive errors and deterioration of vision. The School takes care of all such factors that stop us from having perfect eyesight throughout our life.

The School for Perfect Eyesight was started in 1968 by Dr. R S Agarwal, an expert and a believer in the power of the Bates Method. This Method, an alternative therapy that helps in improving eyesight, is no rocket science. It uses simple relaxation techniques that will rejuvenate our eyes naturally. The experts at the School put you through a series of exercises – sun treatment, palming, ball exercises, candle light reading, eye massage and so on for a week. These are exercises that can be practiced at home or at your office desk, after the treatment without any hassles. Mind you, no television or computer during this entire week J. When you review your vision by the end of the treatment, you’ll be happy that you chose to go down to Pondy. Wonder if it is really works, trust me, it has worked for me and my husband too. Our power reduced and it was such an amazing feeling to see that your eyes have gotten better naturally.

The School gets around 3000 patients every year starting from the age of 7. Many people who have lost hope in saving their vision have found solace here. But the School does not intend to trumpet its achievements nor does it promise miracles. They do not undertake any marketing efforts to popularize the School either. Most importantly, the service is completely free of cost! When asked why it is so, Santhosh, one of the experts at the School, said; ‘’most people who come to us are coming to the School as their last resort after many disappointments outside. We do not want to burden them with the thought of money. Our happiness comes when we see that our treatment has made a difference to their lives’’.


Thinking you’ll have to spend a bomb on accommodation in a tourist place like Pondy? Chill. The Aurobindo Ashram gives you accommodation for your stay to take the treatment at a cost as low as a Rs. 160 per day. All you need to do is book in advance, both at the School and at the Ashram Guest houses.

The School is doing such a novel service, especially for children who have to bear the burden of glasses at a really young age. When the correction is done at early childhood, there’s hardly any need to worry about eyesight for the rest of the life. It would be great if we could introduce this practice in our schools. So here’s a gift that we have been unaware of – don’t you want to make this trip that’ll be worth all the effort?

To know more, visit the School’s website or call +(91)-(413)-2233659.

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  • Pratik

    wow nice.. could you tell me how much power did you loose from your specs?

  • Kavita Sharma

    Been looking for blogs to get ideas for my new blog! Yours has a great simple design.-Susan

  • Mukesh

    Dear and Divine Ranjini,

    I would like to know more about the school for perfect Eyesight, regarding the process and various other things. I am planning to attend. If it is ok with you, can you send me an email at

  • Anil Mk Victor

    I am very much interested about the school of perfect eyesight.  I am diabetic for last two years and wearing glasses for reading. I want to attend a one week course on the subject. It is suitable to  me to attend the course by April last week or May first week.  Please inform me the course fee and the expences for staying at your premises at the earliest.  My E-mail Id is 

  • S_sucharitha

    i am very much interested to get my daughter who is 8 years old and having power. how should i book the guest room in the ashram and how to book for the eye exercise session? thanks

  • Sumita rani prusty

    I am sumita rani prusty from hyderabad.i am 28 years old.i have a power.and i am very interest to join learn the can i book a room in guest house and also for a school?

  • Veenabaliga

     I am interested in getting my two sons, 17 yr old, 12 yr old both having power. pl. let me know how i can book a room in ashram guest house and also for eye exercise session.

  • Santosh Kumar

    My son (9 yrs) has got high + power. Looking to know the details of program and how one can register and book guest house.

  • Lalitamahaveer

    My daughter is 11 years old.Le me know the landline or mobile number of the person to fix an appointment with the doctor

  • Sangeetha

    I am very much interested to get my Son who is 8 years old and having power. how should i book the guest room in the ashram and how to book for the eye exercise session? I am poor family, kindly help me.  Please reply this mail ID

  • P.J.Deshpande

    ReplyI am very much interested to get my grand daughter who is 7 years old and having power. how should i book the guest room in the ashram and how to book for the eye exercise session?  kindly help me.  Please reply this mail ID pj3247@gmail.comThanksLike

  • padma

    I an 23 years old lady. I have the long sight. I am very much interested to get having power. how should i book the guest room in the ashram and how to book for the eye exercise session? kindly help me. Please reply this mail ID padmasavva@gmail.comThanksLike

  • K.Venkatraman

    my daughters are wearing glasses we would like to learn the eye exercises please guide us regarding this.our e-mail id is

  • Rasik

    my elder son is 10 year old & younger son is 6 year old,
    and younger have a minus 3 number in his eyes,
    elder has in 1 eye minus 0.75 and in other eye minus 0.5
    i want to cure my sons eyes so please help me. how to ragister. mail me at– Rasik dhaduk

  • Radha

    could you please let me know how should i book the guest room in the ashram and how to book for the eye exercise session? kindly help me.

  • krishna bhargavi

    i am krishna bhargavi .i have short sight of -3.5 for both eyes .can you send me the procedure of applying for eye sight reducing session and also the details of commendation. kindly reply to


    KALPESH H. KUMBHARnMy son dhyey kumbhar having heavy number as -4.00/-4.25 …….. i know about you introduction by my friend. please give me days and regd. we have regd. name….. kindly help me. Please reply this mail ID ThanksLike

  • Jey

    Hi nnMy daughter was 6.8 yrs old when we found she has astigmatism ( cylin npower) of -4.5 in her right eye & spherical power +1. Left eye has ncylin power -0.5. I worried a lot when doctor told there may be a chance of nhaving Keratoconus. We r from India and went to School for perfect neyesight in PONDICHERRY. Within 3 months my daughter’s eyesight nimproved – right eye spherical nil cylindrical -4. left eye perfectly nclear after doing eye exercise for 15 min everyday ( suppose to do 1hr + 1hr daily). please mail me if u nneed clarification.

  • Gokila

    Can I get ur mail Id please need to discuss.

  • Madhavi

    Hi Jey: Thank you so much for posting this positive info. I need a few additional details. Can you please share your email ID?

  • Annamalai Bala


    please tell me the procedure for appointment.
    also please mention any mail id for gettin touch