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At This ATM, Deposit Garbage to Withdraw Rewards

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Can you imagine an ATM where you will be compensated with some form of monetary reward for depositing your waste?

Well, the students from NMAM Institute of Technology in Karnataka have started a company cheekily called Crappy Crap that will develop machines wherein people can deposit their waste.

This waste will further be segregated into wet waste and dry waste and then at the end of the month, depending on how much waste a particular person has deposited, they will be rewarded.

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Keerthan Prabhu, CEO and founder of the company spoke, to the Times of India about the idea behind the company noting, “Our country spends several crores on waste management projects. But, we are not able to get any return on investment. The Crappy Cash project provides a unique and simple solution to the problem of waste management in India.”

The smart ATMs are outfitted with sensors that can automatically tell if garbage deposited is organic or inorganic and hence can segregate accordingly. Users will also be given their own radio frequency identification (RFID) cards which they can swipe while depositing garbage. It will keep a track of how the waste deposited per person and according to that, they will incur rewards at the end of every month.

The startup has been given seed funding by the ICT Skill Development Society, which is part of the Karnataka government’s ITBT department.

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Now you have officially run out of any excuses to not segregate your waste. You could miss out on being rewarded.

The students can be contacted through the college here

The Karnataka government’s startup cell can be reached here

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