Narmada Panchayat Officials Contribute to Educate Orphans

Shubhlakshmi Shukla writes this article titled ‘Narmada panchayat officials don role of orphans’ parent’ in the Indian Express.


In this article, she states that over 100 officials working at the Narmada District Panchayat office have decided to contribute towards the education of 175 orphans in that area. This project is termed as Shanta Sukhai which translates to Self Satisfaction.



From Monday onwards, all the orphans will be admitted to the district’s 13 grant-in-aid schools. The district office will provide them with the stationary. At present, around Rs 1.75 lakh are collected by the district Panchayat officials.

District Development Officer (DDO) B C Chaudhary said: “Of the 175 children, mostly are in the age group of five to six years and a few are teenagers. One girl, Gita Gadhvi, will be admitted to the first-year BA course. We might also widen the project by providing financial help to the girls for their marriage after they complete their education.”


Read the complete article here.

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