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TBI Bulletin: Tetra Packs Recycled To Make School Supplies + Garbage Used To Make Railway Platform + Roses To Protest Against Power Cuts + MORE Social Creativity! (12.06.2012)

This Tuesday morning, be a witness to the immense creativity of Indians in all wakes of life – in finding innovative ways to fund education while also recycling garbage or in non-violent protesting using facebook and flowers or even in designing the album cover design of Smashing Pumpkins! To share any positive news that you came across lately just write to us at contact[at] or tweet @thebetterindia or leave a comment on our facebook page.

1. Now, juice can do more than improve your health. It can help in a child’s education! Tetra packs are being recycled to make school benches, diaries, notebooks and tissues and donated to civic schools in this unique initiative.

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2. They were not shown dreams of “rags to riches” but were offered a roof under which they can sleep and support to pick up their studies! It is the “Night Shelter Project” of Chennai Corporation.

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3. Huge public money can be saved if the concerned people decide sincerely to do that. Around 15 truckloads of garbage were used in platform construction at Kochuveli railway station!

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4. The need to apply Mahatama Gadhi’s pattern of protest was never so strong in India as it is today. Protest peacefully! And what else can be the Best Symbol of Peace than a Flower? Members of a Facebook group presented roses to electricity officials to protest against unbearable power cuts!

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5. One more feather in Shyam Benegal’s cap! He is one of the few film directors whose films are unexceptionally infused with a meaningful social cause, purpose and message. No wonder he has won many awards, in addition to being honoured at a function in the British Film Institute recently.

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6. Ridhii Paul (23) from Bengaluru is the only girl from the city whose cover design has been selected as a finalist in the competition for ‘Oceania’, the latest music album of globally noted band – Smashing Pumpkins!

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