TBI Bulletin: Positive News From All Around (17.05.2012)


Here’s another dose of positive stories from around the web. If you have read any inspiring or happy news today, do send it to us at contact@thebetterindia.com or tweet it @thebetterindia.


1. These doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists of Chennai’s Red Cross Society help children born with defective legs – or even without legs – walk!

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2. Well educated, professional youths, one of them even working for a multinational IT company in Delhi, are voluntarily doing manual labour like lifting hammers and spades, digging or carrying soil along with labourers for a social cause. Yes there are such!

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3. The state of education, and especially of educators, in India is often lamented. But then there are teachers like these who fight to save a 170-year old school from closing down for want of students!

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4. If the Old is not Gold every time…it is certainly strong! Meet the 1st Indian Mr Universe, now 100-year old, who reminisces about how different things were back in 1952 when he won the title, before fitness could be the lucrative profession that it is today.

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5. A 15-year-old girl now has the chance to complete her education because she was rescued from being forced to wed a man twice her age! Kudos to the government officials who did this job.

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Compiled by Devdutt.

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