In Karnataka, Now Check Online if your Letter has been Picked for Delivery from the Post Box

No more worrying and wondering. Soon, Karnataka shall be able to track whether or not their post has been taken out of the post box, online.

No more worrying and wondering. Soon, Karnataka shall be able to track whether or not their post has been taken out of the post box, online. 

Did my letter reach them? Did it get lost on the way? Has it been picked up for delivery? Have they taken it out of the post box yet? Oh, what if it never reaches!

Hopefully, these are the questions one must never have to ask again. This is because the Nanyatha software, developed by the Andhra Pradesh Circle, is all set for the implementation of Electronic Monitoring of Letter Box Clearance.


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The software will also assist in reviewing how many letters have been posted and in examining whether letter boxes should be withdrawn or removed.

According to Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Postal Circle, B.V. Sudhakar’s description of the service, every letter box has a distinctive bar-code which consists of a pin code followed by a two-digit serial number. The attendant will capture the location coordinates of the letter box and will then open it, note the number of letters inside, and scan the barcode that the letter box has been assigned. Through a smartphone app, the attendant will then enter his/her name, and the number of items cleared. This information will be uploaded on the server.

“We will implement it first in Bengaluru and later, scale it up to the entire State,” – Mr. Sudhakar was quoted stating in The Hindu


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To avail the service, people can log onto India Post’s Karnataka Postal Circle website –

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