Event Alert: Sankalp 2010 + TBI Logo Contest

Two things that we wanted to talk about in this post. One is about India’s largest Social Investment Forum – Sankalp 2010. The other is a new logo contest where

Two things that we wanted to talk about in this post. One is about India’s largest Social Investment Forum – Sankalp 2010. The other is a new logo contest where you get to design the logo of The Better India!

The Better India Logo Contest

Alright, so you have been reading this site for a while now. And you would agree that the website is a little drab, devoid of colors (unlike the wonderfully colorful stories that we write about). And one of the main things we’ve been missing here is our own cool logo. We tried dabbling and creating it on our own, but soon figured that it is not our strong point (to put it mildly).

Hence, ladies and gentlemen, we would like to get your talent on board by helping us with a logo for The Better India! If you are interested in this, get going right away. The specifications are:
a) One horizontal logo (to replace the current title on the website). This should be around 320px x 80 px in dimensions. It should also include our tag-line “Positive news. Happy Stories. Unsung Heroes.”
b) A square logo which will be used in various places where we need, well, a square logo. This should be around 150 px x 150 px.

You can mail your creations to contact[at]thebetterindia[dot]com.

Oh and yes, if your logo is selected, you get featured on our website of course and get appreciated by thousands of readers!

Sankalp 2010

Don’t Miss India’s largest Social Investment Forum – Sankalp 2010!

Are you all set to meet with some of the best and most dynamic social for-profit businesses? Observe how enterprises looking to establish and scale find projectile? And participate in a buzzing confluence of some of the most dedicated and seasoned minds in social business? If yes, then you’re ready for Sankalp 2010! An annual Social Enterprise Awards and Investment Forum, back for the second time, in a new two-day avatar, Sankalp 2010 is scheduled for May 4 and 5, 2010 in Mumbai, India. So block your calendar now!

This year’s event includes online networking, interactive sessions, enterprise showcase stalls, videos, and the challenging Sankalp awards. Connecting social enterprises with investors, Sankalp is sure to be the springboard for social enterprises looking to take off!

This year’s five high-impact sectors:

1. Agriculture, Food & Rural Business
2. Clean Energy
3. Inclusive Education
4. Health, Water & Sanitation, and
5. Technology for Development

Log on to www.sankalpforum.com today to upload your profile, network with attendees, view enterprise models online, and APPLY for a Sankalp Social Enterprise Award.

Be part of Sankalp 2010 and engage with the New Global Economy!

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