Young Innovator: 19-Year-Old Farmer’s Son Invents Driver-Less Tractor!

Yogesh is now trying to get his invention approved and funded by the Make In India initiative.

Yogesh Nagar, a 19-year-old from Bamorikala village of Baran district of Rajasthan, is the talk of the town these days. Why is that you ask? Well…

Yogesh has invented a driverless tractor!

Yogesh’s father, Ram Babu Nagar would complain of pain in his stomach whenever he had to drive the tractor on their farm. Yogesh, who is in his first year of college, was unable to help his father on the farm but decided that he needed to find a way to solve this problem without taking any external help.
Yogesh started working on his idea of making a remote control for the tractor. He got all the required material and connected the device to the tractor via satellite.
When he saw that the technology was working, he raised an amount of ₹50,000 with the help of his father and friends and designed the remote.

The remote now helps Ram Babu to operate the tractor from one corner of the farm and till the land.

Yogesh is now trying to get his invention approved and funded by the Make In India initiative. He dreams of designing a vehicle which can help the Indian Army to navigate challenging areas like deserts and mountains.
Among Yogesh’s other inventions, the anti-theft machine which contacts house owners if someone enters the house when they are away, and a smart power saver which switches off the lights when the room is empty, sound interesting.
We wish all the best to this young innovator of India and are sure that he would make us all proud with more of his innovations.
You can call Yogesh on 8239898185 .
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