Changemakers 2020


There is no denying it – 2020 has been a hell of a year. It has been challenging and heartbreaking. It has taken the wind out of us — perhaps more than many of us ever thought would happen in our lifetime. Yet, somehow, a ray of hope has flashed throughout. Above the many layers of darkness, we have seen collective humanity win against all odds, at every turn. And that’s what this list is about – a compilation of victories. This is a celebration of remarkable people who exhibited courage, grit, passion, innovation, compassion and above all else, humanity.

Heroes of Sustainability, 2020

The Better India’s Heroes of Sustainability have dedicated their lives to protect the planet — planting huge forests, helping hundreds lead sustainable lives, or even saving entire species. And these heroes have no plans to stop until the Earth heals.

Top Innovations of 2020

The Better India’s Top Innovations of 2020 address critical needs that a large number of citizens face every single day – from new sources of freshwater to ever-more effective forms of electric transport. These are tomorrow’s most fantastic ideas, being created right before our eyes. 

Noteworthy Businesses of 2020

The Better India’s Noteworthy Businesses of 2020 include small and micro businesses that gave us hope, even when entire markets collapsed, that success can be built from the ground up. They stood out not just because of their products, but because of their impact and their innovative ideas to create change.

IAS Heroes of 2020

The Better India’s IAS Heroes are those whose work created a vast positive impact, above and beyond the simple fulfilling of obligations or implementation of schemes. Using flexibility, local knowledge and some old-fashioned ingenuity, these officers solved problems ranging from where to sell your chillies, to bringing water to an entire district. 

Most Inspiring Seniors of 2020

The Better India’s Most Inspiring Seniors are those who defied all age-related stereotypes to pursue their passions, create social change, start new businesses, and live life to the fullest — motivating millions of others.

Heroes of Humanity, 2020

Be it COVID-19 or the hundred other pre-existing problems in the country, The Better India’s Heroes of Humanity rose above them all – every single day, some for decades now. Through their unrelenting efforts, they showed that it is never too late to fight for those who are less privileged.

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