Changemakers 2020 category page – Noteworthy Businesses

Daily Dump
Meet the woman who revolutionised waste management across Bengaluru
Daughter’s skin allergies inspires Bengaluru mom to make cleaners & cosmetics.
Mumbai mum turns beverage cartons into school desks, recycles 750 tons of waste/year.
Disguise Cosmetics
Scientists-turned-entrepreneurs launch guilt-free, vegan beauty line.
Bare Necessities
Moved by the plight of waste pickers, eco-warrior launches a sustainable line of zero-waste products
Startup uses cornstarch, bamboo and more to stop 125 tonnes of plastic waste from reaching the landfills.
Last Forest
Honey that doesn’t harm bees & helps empower thousands of tribals.
This organic food chain, with a focus on zero-waste, employs thousands of farmers
Sambar Stories
Bengaluru-based entrepreneur starts spice biz in garage, employs rural women
Native Circle
With a focus on ‘going vocal for local’ duo starts farm to table network, helps 300 farmers earn livelihood
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