TBI Bulletin – Positive News From All Around (28.05.2012)


Here’s our recipe to drive away your Monday morning blues – News to give you hope and inspiration collected by our team from all over the web! To share any positive news that you came across lately just write to us at contact[at]thebetterindia.com or tweet @thebetterindia or leave a comment on our facebook page.


1. A film titled ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ won the Academy Award but now some slum kids themselves have made not one but three films in Phagwara town of Punjab! Let’s hope these little film-makers win the next Oscar!

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2. Most civilizations were born on river banks, like the Indus (Sindhu) civilization along the Indus and the Egyptian civilization along the Nile. Perhaps taking a cue from this, ‘Jal Biradari’, a Ghaziabad-based activist group, has made a mission to revive the River Hindon.

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3. Many lives are being saved due to lower number of road accidents after an effective safe-driving training to Tamil Nadu State Transport drivers in Coimbatore.

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4. We have all seen Specialist consultants treating rich men and women! Now see such Specialist experts to take care of TREES!

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5. If all goes well, as many as 10 lac poor people in Kerala will be benefited every year by Pushpagiri Medical College Hospital’s humble, humane, healthcare scheme for the poor, ‘Health In Million’ (HIM), aimed at providing cashless advanced healthcare.

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Compiled by Devdutt.

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