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MG Changemakers is back for the second year! We believe large-scale social change happens when individuals curate meaningful experiences with the values they are passionate about. And MG Changemakers Season 2 is all about the incredible work of such Indians - those who are changing lives every single day with their infectious passion and never-ending hard work. Do join MG India and The Better India in celebrating the impact of these real-life heroes, who put in everything to ensure they are touching the lives of countless others.

Unbreakable, Unstoppable, Unfettered - Episode 6

Watch how an acid attack survivor has become a guardian angel for hundreds of survivors across India.

Attacked With Acid At 23, This Braveheart Helped Change The Lives of 250 Survivors

While the other passengers were dumbfounded, seeing my molten skin and burning clothes, the doctor wrapped her dupatta around me and kept on sprinkling water on my face.

Meri Zindagi- Episode 5

Watch how India’s first all-women rock band, Meri Zindagi approaches music in a unique way to address social issues.

This All-Women Rock Band Is Making India Better, One Song at a Time!

The issues we raise affect not just women, but men as well. And that is why our band has so many male supporters. At the end of the day, gender equality is not about shifting oppression from one group to the other. It is about eliminating it.

Making Brighter Tomorrows - Episode 4

Watch how Hekani and her team help youngsters from Nagaland find their calling and make them come true!

This Nagaland Lawyer Quit Her Dream Job to Build a Future for Over 1 Lakh Youngsters

“Our ultimate goal was to empower the youth to earn their bread and butter, and be independent without having to leave their homes.”

Dance. Move. Heal. - Episode 3

Watch how this sexual abuse survivor learned to heal and grow through dance movement therapy.

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At 10, She Survived Sexual Abuse. Today, Her Dance Helps Heal Thousands!

“When I was 10 years old, I experienced sexual abuse for a number of years. And I never thought I would ever talk about it to anybody.”

Make. Break. Create. - Episode 2

A sneak peek into the world of Maker's Asylum, one of India's first makerspaces!

Checkout the range of exciting workshops organized by the Maker’s Asylum here

From Flying Wheelchairs to Smart Bands, DIY & Build Your Own Tech at This ‘Asylum’

“We make, we break, we create! Its a human thing!” says Vaibhav, whose Maker’s Asylum is building an army of innovators who think out-of-the-box. Forging a smarter and stronger India indeed!

Frames Of Freedom - Episode 1

Watch Mohit, a photographer who is shattering all stereotypes against people with disabilities.

Join the exclusive two-day photography workshop designed for people with disabilities.

Delhi Photographer Breaks Boundaries, Helps Differently-Abled Be Their Own Hero!

“Things have changed, but our perception of the differently-abled has not. Is making candles and graduating high school the best they can do? Who are we to define their potential?”

Experiences at MG

For over 9 decades, MG has brought people together and brought alive shared experiences. The core of the world of MG is 'Exciting Experiences'. And that's exactly what MG Changemakers Season 2 is all about - to nurture and embrace individuals who are using meaningful experiences to create a large-scale social change. Just like MG builds and creates experiences for its customers and amplifies their lifestyle, MG Changemakers are impacting the lives of countless other people and changing lives every single day with their meaningful experiences.








95 Year Old Legacy

Founded in the UK in 1924, Morris Garages cars became world renowned for their roadsters and cabriolet series. MG’s cars were much sought after by many celebrities, including the British Prime Minister and even the British Royal Family for their styling and spirited performance. The MG Car Club, set up in 1930 at Abingdon in the UK, is by far one of the world’s oldest surviving clubs for a car brand. MG has evolved into a modern, futuristic and innovative brand over the last 95 years. MG Motor India has recently launched the MG Hector, India’s first Internet Car to redefine the driving experience of Indian consumers


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