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Our world is constantly changing and our society is continuously presented with new challenges that require new solutions. Over the last three years, Accenture and The Better India have recognised changemakers who use technology to solve some of society’s most pressing issues — those using Tech For Good, and those Innovating For Society. 
‘Evolution of Solutions’ is a futuristic dialogue on how technology can be used to tackle today and proactively solve tomorrow’s challenges. Watch out for stories of innovators, opinions by experts, and thought provoking discussions that pave the path for a better tomorrow.

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Presenting Evolution of Solutions, a podcast series where we deep dive into understanding specific technologies and how they are building a better tomorrow. Joining us are experts in AI, Robotics, IoT and Virtual Reality — people who are going beyond the boxed definitions of these technologies and creating large-scale impact.

The Cost of Water

You won’t believe how much water it takes to make a pair of jeans or a few packets of milk! Our indirect water footprint is way higher than our direct water consumption. But these innovators have found a way to make a water positive world possible.

Changing How We Move

What would it take for a country like India, with all its buses, autos and two-wheelers, to switch to a sustainable, electric mode of transport? These technologists have built the answer.

Sleep - Talk

Developed by IIT graduates, this completely contact-free piece of tech lets you catch & diagnose very early signs of cardiac, respiratory and other disorders. All while you sleep.


The Webinar

Technology was supposed to change the world. It did. What next? This webinar hosted by The Better India and Accenture focusses on how today’s technology has the power to create a large-scale impact. From Artificial Intelligence to Cloud, and from AR/VR to Blockchain — technology has the power to revolutionise our future. Here’s your chance to meet the most inspiring set of tech-enthusiasts, interact, engage, and be a part of a dialogue that redefines the future of solutions.

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