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Schools are cool with Radio and Blogging


Now, this comes as a sort of celebration for us at The Better India. Pallavi Singh writes in this article at the Mint about a policy being formulated to encourage children at school to use community radio and er, well, blog!

This is cool, we think, since it is introducing helpful technology to children in their early years. Excerpts from the article:

Blogging, the recommendations say, should be encouraged to support creative writing. “Blogs are powerful tools to support creative writing that can be published and shared not only with the teacher but also with peers and the world, alike. Spreadsheets, databases, concept maps, and hypermedia authoring tools (Web development tools) to encourage critical thinking could also be encouraged,’’ the draft compendium says.


It also suggests use of digital devices like robotics kits, digital microscopes, graphing calculators and global positioning system devices for science, math and social sciences curricula. To improve rural access, the draft recommendations also press for creation of localized content to be accessed on the web to help children “proactively explore and capture local realities’’.

However, some people have raised some misgivings about this policy too. Nothing is just one-sided now, is it.

Read the complete article to know more about the pros and cons of this policy.


Credit: Link provided by Vikas.


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