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‘Indigood™ Project’ is an initiative by Wrangler and The Better India to recognize and bring to light the stories of individuals who are working relentlessly to solve the water crisis that the country is facing. These individuals are championing the cause by reviving lakes, cleaning rivers, digging wells and innovating devices to cut down water usage in our day-to-day lives. Watch how these water warriors are working towards saving the future of India.


Meet the couple that is using technology to save 1 million litres of water every day and has prevented over 5,600 hours of manual scavenging!


A group of water warriors in Bengaluru has been silently working on a movement to provide water security to the city—one recharge well at a time! In the process, they are also empowering the community of Mannu Vaddars who have been traditionally digging wells for hundreds of years. This is their story.


A simple thought on a rainy day in Gurugram created a low-maintenance yet durable system that has gone far!


Ramveer comes from a family of generations of farmers who have seen the adverse effects of climate change on their lives. This is his way of contributing and reversing that change.


The new innovative foam-dyeing process uses 100% less water, and wastewater is virtually eliminated. The use of energy and waste are reduced by more than 60% when compared to conventional denim dyeing.


By using at least 28% recycled cotton to make the fabric, the vast amount of water, land and energy required to produce new cotton is reduced.


The iconic denims are made using sustainable, cutting-edge technologies like the use of lasers, ozone and nanobubbles to reduce the use of resources.

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