India Social Good Summit 2015 – Broadcasting Live on 28th September

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The India Social Good Summit will be held on 28 September, 2015 at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, one of the country’s premier hubs of technology and innovation. The Summit will showcase technologies that are changing the lives of people across the country. This year, we have an exciting list of technologists, representatives from government, celebrities and young innovators who will deliberate on Technology, Social Good and the Road Ahead for India.


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Aditi Gupta is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of Menstrupedia, working towards spreading awareness about menstruation. She saw the lack of information about menstruation as a communication design problem and found an innovative solution to break the silence surrounding a girl’s first period. She developed an online encyclopedia on menstruation in 2012 and last year, launched a series of comic books to educate girls and boys on what menstruation is.

Today, Menstrupedia comics are used in schools across India and being distributed in other countries like Nepal, Nigeria and parts of South America.

Aditi, who is a National Institute of Design alumnus, is a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum and was named one of Forbes India’s ‘30 under 30’ for her work towards breaking the taboo around menstruation. She is a TEDx speaker and also an International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) alumni.

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35-year-old Rahul Alex Panicker is the co-founder and president of Bangalore-based healthcare technology start-up, Embrace Innovations. Embrace has done pathbreaking work in the field of low-cost medical innovations, including an award-winning infant warmer, which has been adopted in 15 countries and has saved over 200,000 babies worldwide. The easy-to-use infant warmer doesn’t require continuous power supply and costs just 1 percent as much as traditional solutions and can be operated by a non-expert.

Embrace Innovations has also trained 4,400 healthcare workers, educated 9,200 mothers and launched 105 programmes in 11 countries of low-cost healthcare.

The IIT Madras and Stanford University alumnus was named one of '35 Innovators Under 35' by the prestigious MIT Technology Review in 2015 and Social Entrepreneur of 2013 by the World Economic Forum

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Dia Mirza

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Dr. Raman Singh

Key Innovations

Forest Dwelling Communities Use Smokeless Cook Stoves

Close to 2000 households residing on the fringes of a national park in the South Indian state of Karnataka are addressing climate change by installing smokeless stoves in their homes. It is reducing Carbon dioxide emissions and firewood consumption, and improving the health of these forest dwelling communities.

Saving Energy In The Tea Sector

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Amidst rising losses due to high production costs, Manogaran’s tea cooperative in the Nilgiri Hills in south India faced the threat of closure. An energy audit highlighted opportunities where greater energy efficiency could reduce production costs. Energy saving measures, introduced as part of a UNDP project, enabled the cooperative to turn business around.

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