Episode 6: The Lost Voices

Meet Dr. Rao - The man who has invented a Rs. 50 device to give throat cancer patients their voice again!

Episode 5: Sanket by Agatsa

A credit-card sized invention provides an in-depth analysis of ECG reports when a person places his/her thumbs on the device. All it takes is 15 seconds! This device is validated by more than 500 doctors and is known to be 98% accurate.

Episode 4: Edible Cutlery

This edible cutlery is a perfect alternative to harmful disposable cutlery, it is not only environmentally safe but also enriched with nutritious ingredients.
Order your edible cutlery here - http://www.bakeys.com/

Episode 3: Avanti Fellows

Only 1 out of 9 students in India joins a college. And every year only 10,000 of 1.3 Million applicants make it to the IITs. Avanti was setup to allow children to get quality education and preparation at a price that most children in our country can afford.

Episode 2: Tyrelessly

With an aim to safely dispose end-of-life tyres, 16-year old Anubhav Wadhwa is on a mission and this is his story! If you have an end-of-life tyre that needs to be disposed, click here: http://tyrelessly.com

Episode 1: SmartCane

Most of us have seen visually impaired people walk using a white cane. What the white cane doesn't detect, however, is any obstruction that is above the waist. This leads to frequent upper body injuries. SmartCane is an incredible innovation addressing this and making it easier for visually impaired people to navigate through their daily life.

India Innovates

As part of this ongoing series, you will get to witness some of the most amazing innovations of India that are truly transforming lives, communities, businesses and more! It is an initiative of the Marico Innovation Foundation in collaboration with The Better India and Black Ticket Films.

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Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF) fosters innovation in India. Through their acceleration program, MIF unlocks the potential of social enterprises in India by solving specific bottlenecks, to deliver scale and impact; to benefit underserved communities. Innovation for India Awards by MIF recognize the best breakthrough innovations within the social and business sectors.

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