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How we do this is fairly simple – we share positive stories.

By doing so, we have built & inspired an awesome community of people like you who are always sharing ideas with each other, helping each other with resources – and collectively doing good.

What Do You Mean By Positive Stories?

Stories of unsung heroes, changemakers, innovations, education, children, women empowerment, travel, history, arts & culture, social development – really, the list is endless.

What’s The Impact Of All This?

Again, great question! And we have many, many answers to it. Here are 10 stories of impact we’ve created. For more, get in touch.

  1. Blind With Camera — We shared a story about a group of visually impaired people running a photography club. This inspired a young girl, who was visually impaired, to pursue photography too.
    “You’ve given me a new direction in life,” she said in her email to us. That was the first time someone told us we had made an impact. We had made an impact by just sharing a story!
  2. Solar Lamps — In partnership with an NGO, we ran a story talking about how students in some remote villages in Orissa were unable to study after sunset due to lack of electricity. We asked our readers to donate solar lamps for these students. The result: We received the required number of solar lamps within a week!
  3. Fixing a hostel block — This story about a school in Chennai that teaches deaf children led to one of our readers visiting the school and upon finding its hostel block in urgent need of repair, helped fix it by spending Rs. 3.5 Lakhs (USD 6000)!
  4. Jobs For The Specially Abled — We posted this on our Facebook page and our readers referred people they knew who were specially abled. Via this pool, we were able to get eight of them jobs in interesting roles in different companies.
  5. Financial contribution — Our story on a child-care center run by a 95-year old in a village in West Bengal led to many of our readers visiting the place and contributing a total of Rs. 5 Lakhs (USD 8000)!
  6. Conservation efforts in a hill-station — When we highlighted how the conservation efforts in a particular hill-station in India had helped improve the place, a few government authorities read it and helped influence the conservation policies of another hill-station.
  7. Innovation went viral — This video went so crazy on the internet that the NGO behind it got over 600 phone calls on Day 1 with offers of help in all forms! Again, just by sharing the story we had catalysed change.
  8. Yoga goes global, again — These two wonderful ladies teach Yoga to children with special needs. We shared their story and here’s what happened, in their own words:
    “We have had people contact us from the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India! This include other yoga teachers who want to study/ work with us, media conglomerates such as ABC News/ Good Morning America, parents with special needs children, and students who want to learn and volunteer with us.”
  9. Increased Forest Cover — A feature story on this brilliant innovator who can create a forest anywhere (including in your backyard) led to him getting media enquiries from all over the world (special mention: BBC World) and a project request from Berlin, Germany!
  10. Change of careers — One reader, after reading this story, decided to try it out in another city and saw resounding success. She is now more engaged with the NGO and working towards enabling special children to enjoy music. In another case, we had 8 of our readers opting for a 1-year rural India fellowship program after reading about others who’ve gone down that path earlier.

Who Are We?

Here’s the team that works behind the scenes to bring to you the stories you love.

Dhimant Parekh
Founder & Social Media Head
Loves startups and building useful products from scratch. MBA from ISB and a Computer Science Engineer. Indulges in long-distance running.

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Anuradha Kedia
Founder & Editor
Loves history & research. Has had stints in both corporate and social sectors. MBA from ISB and a Civil Engineer. Indulges in coffee.

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Rahul Anand
Writer & Prime Evangelist
Rahul, an MBA by qualification and researcher at heart is enamoured by how networks interacting with cultures, institutions and markets lead to social impact, innovation and social enterprise in India. Co-founder of @BloodAid

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Gangadharan Menon
Wild-life + Life Expert
After regularly writing for The Times of India, Hindustan Times and DNA, Gangadharan got associated with The Better India. This, he says, changed his entire orientation, as he started looking for even the slightest positive angle in a generally bleak scenario of environmental preservation. And to his surprise, he found quite a few positive and happy stories. About communities and individuals across India who are trying to make a green difference. Currently he is working on his first collection of travel writings titled Evergreen Leaves.

Saurabh Pandey
Hindi Editor & Ideas guy
Saurabh has specialized in brand management and marketing in multiple start-ups as diverse as alternative energy, mobile commerce and social network. In addition to his role of spearheading the Hindi edition & idea-hacking at The Better India, Saurabh also heads a digital marketing consultancy.

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Shreya Pareek
Staff Writer
Born with a hobby to travel, talk, express and write, Shreya gets to do all of that and is even paid for it! Interested in rural development and social issues, she dreams of actually bringing a change in society and writing a book of her own one day. When she is not preaching others about a better India she is busy watching movies and playing video games.

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Ranjini Sivaswamy
Ranjini comes from a mass communication background and is currently a consultant with IIM Bangalore.

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