I Don’t Smoke or Drink, I Eat Well & Exercise. How Did I Still Get Cancer?

A 45-year-old man exercised regularly, maintained a balanced diet and did not have any addictions. Yet, he was detected with stomach cancer, leaving his oncologist confused.

Dr Vishal Rao an oncologist and head and neck surgeon at the Bengaluru-based HealthCare Global (HCG) Cancer Centre lists five possible reasons behind this.

These preservatives are commonly found in cold drinks, processed meat, canned food and most importantly, ready-to-eat food products.


Food preservatives like Sodium benzoate and Sodium nitrite can cause hyperreactivity in children and have been linked to gastric cancer as well.


Red 40, Blue 1 and Yellow 5 are common synthetic food colourants used  Examples of adulterants include chalk powder (milk), sawdust (chilli powder), non-permitted dyes (turmeric powder) and coal tar (tea powder).

Microorganisms are responsible for more deaths than cancer every year.

An unhygienic condition maintained by street vendors and eateries is a key factor behind the spread of typhoid fever, botulism, amoebiasis, etc. Vehicular emissions, carbon dioxide and air pollutants from the roads are also absorbed by these food items.


Degreening Agents:

Fruits and veggies are harvested when they are raw and treated with de-greening ripening agents like calcium carbide and ethylene. They make the fruits look fresh but can be dangerous to one’s health.