Every year April 24 is marked as Sarpanch day to celebrate the grassroot changes led by sarpanches.  We look at 5 sarpanches from across India who are doing remarkable work..



Priyanka Tiwari, Uttar Pradesh

In a notable eco-friendly move, Sarpanch Priyanka from Rajpur village has installed solar street lights that can be re-energised with batteries. She is also making her village plastic-free.


Kankuben, Kutch

Using the Miyawaki method, the Kukma village sarpanch has built a flourishing forest comprising 7,500 trees using 10,000 litres of wastewater, which is purified daily to water thousands of plants.


Shyam Pratap Rathore, Rajasthanm

Shyam is leading the way in wastewater management and getting rid of open defecation through small soak pits in Jahota village.


Bhaskar Auger, Maharashtra

As the sarpanch of Patoda village, Bhaskar has started a buyback plastic policy at Rs 15 per kilo to eliminate plastic pollution. He has also built six water purification tanks to clean water.


Komal Karpe, Maharashtra

From imposing curfew, to setting up a quarantine centre, and getting people vaccinated, the young sarpanch made her village COVID-free during the second wave.