Four engineers from IIT Delhi, all fitness enthusiasts, were on the lookout for a single piece of equipment that would replicate the entire gym at home.

Unable to find one, Aman Rai, Anurag Dani, Rohit Patel and Amal George built their own home gym, designed for efficient strength training within limited space.

In May 2022, they launched Aroleap X — a smart, wall-mounted gym equipment, which comes with 100 hours of curated fitness content developed by seasoned fitness coaches.

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They solved the problems with current gym equipment at home, which is usually bulky and expensive, occupying a lot of space.

Robotics engineers Amal and Rohit built the patented digital-weights technology, which replaces physical weights with digital ones using motors.

“We tried to replicate the same types of resistance that a physical weight provides with the help of a motor,” explains Aman.

Aroleap X is a compact, wall-mounted smart exercise machine that uses motor-powered electromagnetic resistances to provide a data-driven workout.

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“The technology has condensed all different weight stacks into a single motor. We have a patent for this motor-controlled technology. Our motor provides resistance from 2 kg to 75 kg,” adds Aman.

The device takes up 4 feet x 2 feet space, which is equivalent to a vertically wall-mounted 55-inch LED TV.

“When you pull the rope on the device, it generates resistance. Our device works like a personal trainer and tells you when to reduce or increase weight,” adds Rohit.

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Every muscle group of the body can be targeted through the 150 exercises using the machine.

AI-powered training sessions track the user’s progress and suggest better methods of working out, while giving real-time tracking and insights.

The machine offers goal-based workout programmes, designed by professional fitness trainers. Whether you’re a beginner, a runner or a pro, it has something for everyone.

The machine comes with two arms, which can be adjusted at different positions. It also comes with different accessories like barbells, ropes, and D-handles.

Aroleap is sold at Rs 1.69 lakh through their website and on Amazon. They have sold over 300 home gyms across 20 cities so far, and have had a turnover of Rs 3.5 crore in the year 2023-24.

They also bagged a Rs 1 crore deal from four ‘sharks’ — Amit Jain, Anupam Mittal, Azhar Iqubal, and Peyush Bansal — on Shark Tank India Season 3.