At 80 years old, Harjinder Singh — who has been working as an autorickshaw driver for over five decades —  considers serving humanity the most important part of his day.

“I have been a Traffic Warden for the Delhi Police and also the General Secretary of the Autorickshaw Union…Not once have I got any challan or even been stopped by traffic police,” he says with pride.

What is unique about Singh’s work is that he runs a free auto-rickshaw ambulance service on the streets of Delhi.

Started in 1978, the ambulance is stocked with a first-aid kit that contains all the emergency requisites like bandages, antiseptic lotion, cream for burns and paracetamol.

He says that he underwent training to ensure he had the basic knowledge of administering first aid.

Recalling what triggered his decision to start the ambulance, Singh says, “I remember the time when there were floods in Delhi. I, as a part of the Sikh community, got together with many others and did seva (service).” “The flood ended, but my desire to continue to help people did not,” he adds.

The people who witness any accident call Singh on his phone (displayed on the auto-rickshaw). He reaches the place and does everything from giving first aid to driving the patient to the nearest hospital.

“I do not want ever to stand around and watch some helpless person lose his life,” he says. Singh says he sets aside a portion of his earnings from driving the auto for his family and uses the remainder to purchase medicines for financially disadvantaged patients.

Despite protests from his family to retire considering his old age, Singh is determined to continue the service.

He says the more work he does, the happier he feels. “I do not want to be either dependent on anyone or feel like a burden,” he adds.

If you are in an accident or witness one in Delhi, you can call Singh at 8750697110.