Senior citizens on Instagram are giving the youth a run for their money by breaking age stereotypes, ruling the internet, and spreading love.

Here are some such senior Insta influencers to look out for:

Having started his modelling career at 55, Dinesh Mohan stands for the phrase, ‘Age is just a number’.

Keeping her love for dance alive, Ravi Bala Sharma is taking Instagram by storm with her elegant dance reels, having amassed over two lakh followers.

Known as ‘Sassy Saasu’ on the internet, artist Manjiri Varde makes funny reels with her daughter-in-law while wearing her own designs.

The 78-year-old Sheela Bajaj made a business out of her talent for crocheting and has 5,000 followers who buy from her wide range of crocheted products.

With about 60,000 followers, Mr and Mrs Verma are everyone’s couple goals. They make trendy reels and entertaining dance videos.

Known to the internet as the ‘Mother with a Sign’, 65-year-old Poonam Sapra uses short stories, poems, and witty catchphrases to share lessons in life, parenthood, humility, and kindness.

At the age of 61, Seema Anand is breaking the taboo around physical intimacy by speaking about sex, virginity, and pleasure in a fun and interactive way.

Retired banker Shanthi Ramachandran has amassed a big following by showcasing her cooking talents, sharing recipes of authentic Indian food, and giving out cooking tips.

Having started her acting career at the age of 65 through Malayalam movies, 70-year-old Rajini Chandy is a popular influencer who talks about fashion and lifestyle.

Lovingly called ‘Mama K’ on Instagram, Kanan Bala’s feed is full of drool-worthy and aesthetic pictures of food, made out of home-grown organic vegetables.