1. Ash Gourd Soak seeds for 10-12 hours before sowing in a seedling tray filled with cocopeat. Spray some water. After 7-10 days, the seeds will start germinating and in two weeks, they will be ready to be transplanted in a grow bag.

You can plant 2-3 saplings at an equal distance from each other. As it is a vining plant, provide a support structure using bamboo or rope.

After a month, you can start fertilising the plants. You can also add mustard cake water, onion peel water, and banana peel water to nourish the plants.

To protect plants from pests, you can also spray neem oil mixed with water twice a month. After about three months, the white fruits on your plant will be ready for harvesting.

2. Capsicum Fill a grow bag or pot with a potting mix comprising 50 percent of normal soil and 50 percent with a mixture of cocopeat and compost.

Thereafter add capsicum seeds in the pot and add a layer of soil on top to cover the seeds. Keep spraying water for a few days. The seeds will start germinating after nearly 10 days.

When the length of the plant becomes about one inch, then plant the sapling from the seedling tray in a pot. Plant only one plant in one pot to get a bountiful harvest.

3. Taro root Take a pot of 16 inches and add a potting mix of soil, sand, and compost. Place its tubers in well-draining soil.

Keep the soil moist and you will see the tuber sprouting in 1-2 weeks. The produce will be ready for harvest after nearly five months.

4. Bitter Gourd Sow the seeds in a small pot filled with soil. Keep the pot in a shade and keep the soil evenly moist till the time germination occurs.

After nearly 25 days, transplant the sapling in 15-18 inch pots. Fill it with the potting mix comprising soil, sand, and cow dung in equal proportions. Again, keep the plant under shade for 5-7 days.

After a week, you can place the plant under direct sunlight. After 1-1.5 months, you can add fertilisers. You can minimise the quantity of fertilisers after 35-40 days when flowering starts. The crop will be ready for harvest in 60-70 days.