During the pandemic, friends Neha Goenka Shroff and Swarna Daga Mimani came up with a brilliant idea.

“We were just catching up one day and discussing how kids outgrow things quickly. We throw these things away, while there are some children who cannot afford them. And that’s how the idea of Yobler came up,” says Swarna.

Talking to other mothers, the duo realised that pre-loved baby products have a market and started Yobler in 2022 — a company which sells pre-loved children’s products.

Yobler sells baby-related products, such as books, toys, bicycles, clothing, bedding, furniture, and equipment for children between 0 and 14 years of age.

“There is always a new thing coming into the baby market, and most parents want their kids to have it. So, the idea of providing a platform to sell pre-loved products at affordable prices was welcomed by many parents,” says Neha.

Any mother can list herself on the website as a buyer or seller.

“We have an end-to-end integrated process for sellers and buyers. Our backend team verifies and approves the products, and only then, do the products get listed on the website,” explains Neha.

The company holds back payment to the seller for a few days so that if there is any issue with the product, the buyer can raise it and the company can work on it.

“At the core of the company is sustainability and reducing landfills. Every sale made on our platform is saving a product that would have ultimately ended up in the landfills,” says Neha.

Yobler has sold over 300 pre-loved baby products so far.