Mohammad Thaha Paloli, Jethin Krishna and Fazil met at their engineering college in Kozhikode. They would often plan short trips and ask their batchmates to join them.

Their trips would be so meticulously planned that they would always be a hit in their college circles.

“The sole reason for the popularity was that our trips were different from the regular college ones. We provided our friends with ample time for experiences like camping, star-gazing, stream treks and off-road hikes,” says Thaha.

Eventually, the trio decided to make a career out of their passion, and founded ‘Tentgram’, a travel company,  in 2017.

With Tentgram, the trio provides experience-based travels across and outside the country today, which earn them Rs 7.5 crores a year.

Calling their venture an ‘experimental travel’ company, Thaha says, “We wanted to change the way people travel. We started by setting up sustainable campsites at inaccessible hills and mountains, where we could host travellers.”

With experiences ranging from sunset at Dal Lake in Kashmir to boating in the backwaters of Kerala, their trips cover Himachal, Meghalaya, Kashmir, Kerala, Rajasthan, and beyond the borders of India to Sri Lanka, Bali and Maldives.

They, along with their team of 60, have hosted around 60,000 travellers so far, says Thaha.

The trio is now looking forward to expanding their trips to GCC and East Africa.