Arya Gopi and Joby Joseph had only one demand from their dream home — a peaceful place that motivates them to pursue their interests in art.

Their 2,500 square feet two-storeyed house called ‘Journey’ serves the same purpose while making them feel closer to nature.

The brainchild of Arya, Joby and their architect Biju Balan, the house uses the materials of a demolished ship for the flooring, doors, stairs and other furniture.

“Ships made of wood are condemned after 25 years and the material is sold for other purposes. Such wood, which is seasoned in saltwater, is of excellent quality. It is cheaper and no polishing was done to maintain its rustic look,” explains Biju.

The house walls are laced with red laterite bricks which had no plastering. Only 20 percent of the total area used concrete.

The house has a wide library, a reading space, a living room accessorised with shields and awards received by the couple and an inner courtyard surrounded by plants.

The bedrooms have glasses placed in most areas to let more natural air and sunlight in the rooms.

“We don’t need an air conditioner in the house because it’s very cool inside,” says Arya.

The couple named the house ‘Journey’ to mark the four-year-long construction that resulted in this sustainable home.