Amid the ongoing hearings for the legalisation of same-sex marriage in India, the group ‘Sweekar - The Rainbow Parents’ wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of India.

This is a support group for parents of the Indian LGBTQIA+ community, comprising 400 parents who help each other understand how to embrace and accept their children’s sexuality.

The moving letter addressed Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud and demands the legalisation of same sex marriage in India.

“We desire to see our children and children-in-law find final legal acceptance for their relationship under the Special Marriage Act in our country.”

“We are certain that a nation as big as ours which respects its diversity and stands for the value of exclusion, will open its legal gate of marriage equality to our children too.”

Acknowledging those opposing the petition, the letter says, “We empathise with those who are opposing Marriage Equality, because some of us were there too.”

“It took us education, debate and patience to realise that our children’s feelings and their desires are valid.”

In hopes of a better future, they wrote, “We are growing old. Some of us will touch 80 soon, we hope that we will get to see the legal stamp on the rainbow marriage of our children in our lifetime.”

The Supreme Court is presently hearing a number of petitions on the legalisation of same-sex marriage.