Online shopping offers a host of benefits to consumers, but it also comes with an increased risk of exploitation and cheating.

The Consumer Protection Act 2019 is a law that protects the rights of all consumers — online and offline.

It also protects consumers against misleading advertisements, which covers inaccurate description of a product or service and false information.

The act even allows consumers to file a complaint if they are charged above the maximum retail price (MRP).

Here are the six rights covered under the Consumer Protection Act:

Here are the six rights covered under the Consumer Protection Act:

1. Protection against hazardous products.

1. Protection against hazardous products.

2. Right to information regarding the characteristics of goods and services in order to be protected against unfair trade practices.

3. Right to be assured access to a variety of goods and services at competitive prices.

4. Right to be heard, and for consumer interests to be given appropriate consideration.

5. Right to seek redressal against the violation of any consumer rights.

6. Right to consumer awareness, i.e. the law applicable to you.

While complaints can be filed online or offline, remember to file them within two years of the dispute. If filed later than that, the complaints won’t be considered.

Physical complaints can be filed at the Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission, available at district, state and national levels.

The original story was written by Aditya Tannu and Shonottra Kumar from Civis.