To prepare the potting mix, use 60 percent normal soil and 40 percent organic compost.

1. Spinach

Soak the seeds in water overnight and then plant them in pots the next morning with potting mix on top of them.

Keep sprinkling water for a day and in a month’s time, you will see the plant grow.

Prepare a potting mix of 50 percent cocopeat, 25 percent soil and 25 percent vermicompost.

2. Lady's finger

Fill a small pot with potting mix and plant the okra seeds. Water them and then place the pot in a place which does not receive direct sunlight. Once the plant has grown, transfer it into a large pot.

Keep applying organic fertilisers at intervals of 10 days.

Prepare the potting mix with 40 percent soil, 30 percent sand and 30 percent vermicompost.

3. Bottle Gourd

Fill a pot with potting mix and sprinkle water on the top. Follow this by making a hole of about half an inch, planting the seeds in the soil and putting the soil on top.

After about seven days, when the seeds germinate, you can place the pot in the sun. In 25 to 27 days, the vines start growing and in 50 days, flowers will begin to appear on the vine.

Pollinate the female flowers by taking the pollen from the male flowers. After pollination, tie the female flowers at the top with a thread.

After about 60 days, the gourds will begin to grow. After 80 to 90 days, you can harvest them.

You can use the seeds of cucumber brought from the market to grow new plants. To make the potting mix, mix equal amounts of soil, sand and compost.

4. Cucumber

Fill the potting mix in the pots and sprinkle water in it. Wet the soil and plant cucumber seeds in it. The seeds will germinate in about a week.

Mix 40 percent soil, 30 percent sand and 30 percent vermicompost to prepare the potting mix. Instead of planting it directly in a big pot, it is better to grow it in a seedling tray and transplant it.

5. Brinjal

Sow its seeds by pressing them one inch into the soil and then add water. In 20 days, you will have small plants which you can put in a bigger pot.

Twice a month, you can also give organic fertilisers like cow dung, neemkhali, mustard khali or fruit and vegetable peels.