The Union Public Service Commission has rescheduled the UPSC CSE 2024 to June 16 from the previously decided date of May 26.

While this gives students some more time to prepare, we spoke to two IAS Officers who cracked the exam on how to best utilise this extra time.

Surabhi Gautam, who secured an All India Rank (AIR) 50, and Divya S Iyer, who secured an AIR of 48 in their respective years, share some tips.

Work on Improving Optional Subjects

“Use this time to work a little more on your optional paper,” says Surabhi, adding that this is a golden opportunity to do this.

“Explore the length and breadth of your optional subject during this waiting time,” she says.

Form a Study Group

Speaking from experience, Divya says, “During my preparation period, I used to have a group of friends who were also preparing for the exam.”

She adds that they would set targets for each day, share relevant articles and lessons which would aid with studying during the day.

In a way, the group became accountable to each other. “It helped that we had a group to fall back on,” she says.

Manage Time Leading Up To the Prelims

Divya feels that aspirants must have a schedule or time-table.

“This is the ideal time to catch up with anything that you left out. Try to stick to a schedule and you will find that you achieve success,” she adds.

It would help to design your day in such a way that it allows you time to relax and do some meaningful study as well, explains Divya.